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Hair Extensions FAQ

Natural 100% Human Hair Extensions

Synthetic Fibre Hair Extensions


What are hair extensions? | Back To Top

Hair extensions are hair that is not your own, added on to your own hair. This can be achieved by different methods (Weaving, Braiding, Bonding and Pre-bonded tips).  They are applied by skilled hair professionals either in a salon or in the convenience of your or their home.  Hair extensions offer people instant methods of changing their appearance and can be washed, cut and styled to a person's individual taste.  They are today's woman's must have!!.

People wear hair extensions for different reasons:-

  1. Wish to change their appearance but not permanently. Hair extensions add volume.
  2. Hair thinning or any other hair/scalp conditions. Hair extensions and wigs help.
  3. When you fancy a change of colour without harsh chemicals.
  4. Can not wait for your hair to grow and want longer luscious locks.

There are different types of hair extensions :

Where does human hair come from? | Back To Top
The hair we sell comes from different places in the world though mostly from the Asian countries. We guarantee that the hair we sell is 100% Natural Human hair.

Some people think that human hair comes from dead people. Be reassured "IT DOESN'T" !! Peope grow their hair long and then sell it to factories that produce a finished products in 100% natural human hair. This mostly happens in developing countries.


Can I wash and blow dry human/natural hair? | Back To Top

Human hair can be treated exactly the same as your own hair. Though blow drying should be done by an hair extension expert as excessive heat can damage the extensions.

If you are doing it yourself at home ensure you have it on a very low setting and free dry it (i.e no brush whilst blow-drying).

What do I do to stop the hair from tangling? | Back To Top

Your hair stylist should give you a aftercare sheet to help you look after your hair extensions.  If you have curly hair extensions you can try applying a very mild mousse through the hair with your fingers.

Can I dye the hair? | Back To Top

With a good hair dye. Though going from dark to blonde is difficult (as it is with growing hair). It is advisable to try the dye on a bit of the hair first as opposed to the whole lot to ensure that the resulting colour is what is expected.

Hair Quality | Back To Top

  1. LaTrend Hair: Deluxe quality - is the best value hair. 
  2. Vanity Hair and X-Factor : Luxury quality - is the most popular hair quality and is our highest quality of 100% natural human hair. It is very 'Soft To Touch', fine and silky in texture and comes in three different styles.. 
  3. Cinderella Hair : Luxury remi quality - used with the CinderellaHair system has 25 strands per bundle (25g) & a whole range of exciting colours (with more being added all the time). It is used for the strand per strand method of application and can be used with the Cinderella Hair extension system and other Human hair extension systems.

Regular Quality 100% Human  Hair Vanity Hair - Remy Quality 100% Human Hair Vanity Hair  
LaTrend Hair   Cinderella Hair   Vanity Hair  



What can you do with synthetic hair ? | Back To Top
Synthetic fibre hair extensions can be applied the same way as human hair (i.e. clip in hair extensions, weaving, braiding and strand by strand).. It comes in a whole variety of different textures and exciting colours.

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Caring for braids | Back To Top

When shampooing, ensure that you dilute your formula first. This prevents your scalp from drying out and keeps a dull film from forming on your braids. When shampooing, massage your scalp with your fingertips and use a small comb between the braids, stroking from side to side to clean thoroughly. Shampooing twice a month should be sufficient unless you swim or perspire profusely.

It is highly recommended that all braided styles are removed after three months as leaving them in longer can cause damage as the hair may start to lock.

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Synthetic Hair Types | Back To Top
SavageLily sell only the highest quality of synthetic hair extension fibres. We offer Kanekalon, toyokalon, monobraid, expression and profibre.
» All Synthetic Hair extension types can be styled by dipping in hot water and applying curling aids.
» Kanekalon fibre is different as when the ends are dipped in hot water they seal.
» Profibre is a special fibre as it can take higher temperatures applied to it, which makes it suitable for use with the Synthetic hair extension systems (eg- glue guns or synthetic hair extension systems).

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Kanekalon Fibre Monobriad - Synthetic Hair Profibre Hair  
Kanakelon Fibre   Monobraid   Profibre