Basics of the Backrooms: A Guide (2024)

The Backrooms are a spatial anomaly outside of standard reality. Time does not function in the same manner inside the Backrooms, and along with this, there are dangerous entities lurking in the shadows. This guide is meant to help newcomers, called Wanderers, prepare physically and mentally for the Backrooms.


  • 1 How to Enter the Backrooms
  • 2 Accepting Your Fate
  • 3 Items to Carry
  • 4 Specialized Equipment

How to Enter the Backrooms

To enter the Backrooms, one must "noclip" out of reality. There isn't a guaranteed method of achieving this, as it occurs inconsistently. However, there are some tips to increase the chances of entering the Backrooms. One method is to find an "entrance". These are glitches in reality that lead to the Backrooms, but they occur extremely rarely. Such entrances include:

  • Walls that are a shade darker than normal, or that do not appear to cast a shadow.
  • Doors that did not exist previously and appear to be out-of-place.
  • Areas that give a sense of unease, where one feels strangely offput.

On the extremely rare chance that you have found an entrance to the Backrooms, do not approach it unless you are properly prepared. Once you have the necessary supplies for survival, simply walk into the discolored wall or enter the out-of-place door. Some may reach the Backrooms accidentally on their first attempt, while it may take others hundreds or even thousands of attempts. It's all based on luckiness, or rather, unluckiness.

If you somehow get lucky (or unlucky) enough to reach the Backrooms, you'll most likely find yourself in Level 0. On rare occurrences, there have been reports of others initially finding themselves in Level 1 or Level 2.

Accepting Your Fate

If you happen to accidentally stumble into the Backrooms, the first thing you must do is stay calm. Panicking causes one to lose their senses, such as sense of direction, which could make one lose their way; panicking may also make noise, which may attract unwanted visitors. The second thing you must do is make a mental note of your surroundings to determine which level you've ended up in. One should do this every time they have entered a new location in the Backrooms. The third thing you must do is accept the fact that you are now in the Backrooms, and that you are very unlikely to reach home ever again. Accepting this fact will help one focus on the task at hand: survival, rather than trying to get back home and exhausting themselves. One should also try to stay near where they started, as entering other levels can be dangerous. One must pass through many dangerous levels and unlikely hazards to start their journey through the Backrooms.

Few have ever officially made it out of the Backrooms, and it is currently unknown if it ends.

Items to Carry

There are different types of expeditions in the Backrooms that determine what supplies one should bring.

  1. First excursions (Level 0 and Level 1);
  2. Shallow explorations (Level 2 through Level 4);
  3. Deep explorations (Level 5 and beyond).

The necessary supplies to bring for the first excursions are listed here:

  • First aid kit. It is not uncommon for one to get injured in the Backrooms considering its many threats and dangers, so a first-aid kit to treat oneself or others is necessary.
  • Backpack or other storage container. Wherever you go, you'll need to carry all your things, especially when you get to higher levels and find useful or valuable items. A large backpack like those used for long hikes will prove very useful over time.
  • Weapon (firearms are not advised due to the loud bursts of noise that may cause unwanted attention). A weapon is extremely important in the Backrooms to defend oneself from creatures as well as other Wanderers. A recommended weapon would be something on the lines of machete or long knife; any weapon that is easy to conceal. Firearms are not recommended for Wanderers; they are powerful, but the noise caused by one will alert creatures of your presence and position, so try to use a suppressor if possible.
  • Timer or watch. In the Backrooms, time is scattered compared to reality, so it is completely up to ones relative perception. Not keeping track of time can lead one to wander in the Backrooms for hours or even weeks while losing track of reality. It is recommended to check the timer often to see how much time has passed and if it is still working properly.
  • Canteen or water bottle. Levels such as Level 4 have plentiful amounts of Almond Water, the most common source of water in the Backrooms. It is extremely important if one wishes to survive, and it can prevent one from losing their connection to reality. Additionally, Almond Water can be traded for other goods, such as food and weapons.
  • Food source, preferably one that will not expire quickly (etc. canned food). A reliable amount of food is absolutely necessary for survival in the Backrooms, as it may take some time to reach other Wanderers to trade with. Bringing food that does not quickly expire and that can be easily consumed is best for survival.
  • Sleeping bag. While sleep is not necessary in the Backrooms, it can help keep one's sanity. A bedroll or sleeping bag is helpful to have and can keep one warm in colder areas.
  • Durable spare clothing. You are going to do a lot of wandering in the Backrooms, no matter what level you are on, so hiking boots, a durable shirt, a pair of pants or shorts, and a light jacket are recommended. If you are curious if your clothing will work well in the Backrooms, ask yourself these questions: "Can I walk long distances in these?," "Will these keep me warm?," and "Could I survive with these?"
  • Flashlight or headlamp. Wherever you go in the Backrooms, there will be dark spots, and it's a good idea to know where you're walking. A headlamp is recommended, as it frees up both of your hands for other things, but a flashlight works as well.

Even though these items are listed for survival in Level 0 and Level 1, they are not exclusive to these levels, as they are necessary for survival in any level of the Backrooms. These supplies are considered the basic necessities, and one will require more items as they delve deeper into the Backrooms.

Specialized Equipment

If your excursion into the Backrooms takes you deeper, then the items on this list are also recommended in addition to the above items.

  • Thick coat. As levels progress, the air gets very cold. A heavier coat or parka will be necessary to keep you from freezing.
  • Gloves & knee/elbow pads. Joint and hand protection can prove very useful in the Backrooms, as certain levels may require a level of physical exertion. Keeping the bending points of your limbs intact is crucial.
  • Night vision goggles. Something that allows you to see without generating visible light could possibly save your life. This mostly applies when passing through Level 6.
  • Balaclava or ski mask. Masks can keep your face protected from frostbite, as well as hide your identity from others.
  • Cellphone Storage. Needed to document levels and download pages and offer more sanity items (games, photos, etc). Only needed if your phone has low storage. If you have an Android phone with low storage, bring a MicroSD and put it in the transfer mode so you don't format your phone if you remove it. If you have an iPhone, you're screwed.
Basics of the Backrooms: A Guide (2024)
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