Elemental Dungeons Roblox Codes (June 2024) (2024)

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Like many other titles on the Roblox platform, Elemental Dungeons is a game offering free rewards in June 2024 for a limited time. Those looking to receive a ton of free in-game currency will need to redeem what codes are active before they expire. Other items can also be obtained by entering the right phrases, but only if you manage to follow all the right steps.

Elemental Dungeons is a title that can be easily confused with other popular Roblox games on the platform within the same genre. The core gameplay here involves using loot, gear, and other items to delve into dangerous dungeons overflowing with enemies to fight. The main currency of the game, Gems, is the primary reward from available codes that can help you unlock new abilities for future dungeon explorations.


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Every Active Elemental Dungeons Code

Redeem Everything Before Expiration

As of this time of writing, 13 active codes are working for the game right now, but that number may be reduced as the month continues and older phrases expire. It is recommended to redeem all the codes in quick succession rather than over a long time. That way, you don't have to worry about losing out on potential rewards from the working list of codes the developers of Elemental Dungeons have kept active.

Active Code



100 Gems


100 Gems


Random Free Rewards


100 Gems


100 Gems


100 Gems

Active Code



Skill Points Refund


35 Gems


150 Gems


50 Gems


200 Gems


60 Gems


35 Gems

As you can see in the above video by YouTube creator Berlian kecil, who went over the available codes from May 2024, phrases offered by the developers can be equally consistent and inconsistent with their rewards. Sometimes, a code will get a large amount of currency, while another will only give you a few Gems. This is yet another reason why you should always redeem codes altogether to receive the maximum amount being offered all at once.

How To Redeem Codes For Elemental Dungeons

Follow The Right Steps And Input Codes Correctly

Elemental Dungeons Roblox Codes (June 2024) (2)

You can't receive any rewards automatically within Elemental Dungeons, similarly to any other role-playing game on Roblox with a code system in place. You first need to launch the platform and access the game to see your character surrounded by a fairly complicated user interface. Navigate the game's UI until you find and press the "Codes" button before you start going into any dungeon.

From this point, you need to click on another "Codes" tab at the top of a menu depicting the Premium Shop on your screen when you press the first "Codes" button. This will pull up an official text box where you can enter a code without any grammatical errors into the space provided. When you have a phrase entered right, press "Redeem" below the text box to start claiming your various rewards.

Some of the codes for Elemental Dungeons are a bit complex, with multiple capital letters in a row or unorthodox numbers and symbols. Make sure to double-check what you've entered into the code redemption text box to prevent any errors.

If any code has expired, you will receive a notification on your screen telling you that a phase hasn't worked. On the other hand, if you enter the correct code, you should be immediately notified about what rewards you have received in this game. Similarly to other titles like Anime Adventures in Roblox, you can start using the rewards you earn right away after you obtain them from a code.

Every code you enter is locked to a one-time use for a single account, meaning you won't be able to share your rewards or redeem the same phrase again in the future. Although you could start a new profile to activate codes again, you would mostly be collecting basic currency that only helps start a new account. The better option will always be to contribute toward the account that has already made progress in the game.

Where To Find New (& Updated) Elemental Dungeons Codes

Search For Specific Social Media Accounts Listed

Elemental Dungeons Roblox Codes (June 2024) (3)

While in the Premium Shop to redeem codes, you may notice a message above the text box you use to enter phrases for rewards. The developers of Elemental Dungeons, Malt Games, suggest following the creators of the game on Twitter to receive regular updates related to new codes. This social media site, now known as X, can be a great source for new information about more free stuff becoming available.

Following @Maltgames and keeping your notifications turned on will help you identify new codes that are dropped over multiple months. Typically, new codes tend to drop during in-game events or other important updates, such as bug fixes or exclusive content drops on the larger platform. For example, if there is an event that gifts a lot of free Robux in Roblox, there may be a small chance that Elemental Dungeons will have new codes.

Codes for the game are also likely to drop as the title itself reaches new milestones on the Roblox platform, like numerous visitors or a certain number of people following different social media accounts.

Be careful not to trust third-party external websites offering codes unless they are formally recognized by the development team for Elemental Dungeons. Many scams will try to take advantage of your ambitions for new rewards by luring you onto their site, where corruption of your software can take place. It is better to wait for codes than to impatiently weaken your system in pursuit of a few free rewards.

Thankfully, you can earn plenty of Gems without codes while you wait for a monthly update or in-game event that makes more phrases available. Simply playing the game will help you earn simple currency, albeit at a slower rate. Those who are vigilant enough will be able to spot new codes for Elemental Dungeons in Roblox right as they appear, giving themselves quick access to rewards to help make their character stronger.

Source: Berlian kecil/YouTube

Elemental Dungeons Roblox Codes (June 2024) (4)
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